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We've been obsessed with treasures since almost the dawn of man. Stories of lost shipwrecks and buried gold tickle our imaginations. How much undiscovered treasure is out there? Phil and Campbell look at some of the more intriguing treasure stories.

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Show Notes

Who doesn't love a good treasure hunt. Ever since we've determined what's valuable we've wanted to bury it like a dog. Searching for buried or lost treasure feeds into our get-rich-quick gene. It's why we gamble and buy lottery tickets. But there's still a lot of legitimate treasure still out there left to be discovered. Phil and Campbell talk about some of the legendary finds as well as some treasure still known to be lost. They also discuss some instances of finding multi-million-dollar treasures at thrift shops. From the Ark of the Covenant to Blackbeard to modern day treasure hunters they cover it all.

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