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The PodGOATs talk about spies—both real and fictional—as well as real spy operations gone wrong. Phil also does his impersonation of Sean Connery as James Bond.

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Show Notes

Everybody knows who James Bond is. How similar is 007 to a real spy? Phil and Campbell talk about their favorite fictional spies and mix in discussion about some real spies. Phil reveals one of his favorite spy movies and Campbell can't quite get over it.

Spies discussed include James Bond, Maxwell Smart, Austin Powers, and Mason Carver (who?). Campbell also tells the story of a CIA operation that cost millions and was over in a matter of seconds.

And here's a little trivia for you. In the segment where Phil does the Sean Connery impersonation, Phil actually wrote and performed the music for that segment. He's too cheap to pay the Bond royalties.


Selected references:

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