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We're fascinated with the future. We read horoscopes, consult psychics, even read the tea leaves. But do we really want to know? And will AI one day be able to tell our future? Campbell gives Phil a 5-minute personality test.

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Show Notes

Since the dawn of man we've been obsessed with the future. So much so that we spend $200 billion a year on trying to discern the future. In this episode the PodGOATs talk about some of the hucksters out there preying on vulnerable people. They also talk about advancements in artificial intelligence that could actually allow AI to tell the future. But do we really want to know? If someone gave you the book of your life would you read it?

We pursue this insatiable longing to know the future, yet if we could actually know we might very well pay good money to keep it hidden. Much of fortunetelling revolves around being observant and purposefully vague. It's also about being able to size up someone's personality. Campbell gives Phil a personality test. Is it, too, purposely vague like a horoscope left to open-ended interpretation?

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