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In this episode Phil and Campbell explore the scenarios in which we could find ourselves completely without power. If an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) hits we're not only without power, but nothing electrical will work, including possibly your car, depending on what year it was made. 

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Show Notes

We've all heard the horror stories of an EMP, electro-magnetic pulse. The experts tell us a serious EMP from either a nuclear blast above the surface or an EMP from the sun could take down the electrical grid. For how long, nobody knows. What would you do about money? Or what would you use for money? The conventional wisdom is most automobiles wouldn't operate and the equipment to run most news outlets would be fried.

Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about their own contingency plans in the event of an EMP. Who would live? Who would survive? Would you really want to live in a post-apocalyptic America? They discuss all this and more.

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