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It's been decades since their breakup, yet we're still obsessed with the Beatles. Why? Phil and Campbell Valentine explore the phenomenon known as Beatlemania.

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Show Notes

The Beatles broke up officially on April 10, 1970 when Paul McCartney announced he was leaving the group. That was seven years and eight months after Ringo joined the band on August 14, 1962. And depending on what Beatles expert you talk to, that was anywhere from 207 to 227 original songs later. That's around 30 songs per year! Amazing. By the time they played their last concert atop the roof of Apple Corps (which many still believe was atop EMI's Abbey Road studios, but it wasn't) they had come a long way from the Ed Sullivan Show appearances just 5 years prior.

Phil Valentine and Campbell Valentine dive into Beatlemania with some not-so-familiar stories about how they made some of their recordings (hair combs on Lovely Rita? Really?), and debate who was the most important Beatle. This is fun and informative look back at the Fab Four.

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